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Delicious Broccoli Flatbread
Delicious Broccoli Flatbread
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Spread with a thin layer of tomato sauce or pizza sauce, topped with broccoli florets, olives, mushrooms and a few other veggies. Feel free to add cheddar cheese on top of the sauce before you add the toppings. The cheese-free version tastes delicious as well, without cheese we call it a flatbread.

Two Onions, Pineapple and Olive Flatbread
Two Onions, Pineapple & Olive Flatbread
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Quick-easy to make, and it tastes delicious. This is a dairy-free flatbread, garlic-infused olive oil is brushed over the bread dough and topped with onions, bell peppers, olives and pineapples that are being seasoned.

Veggie and Plum Flatbread
Veggie & Plum Flatbread
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Onions, bell peppers and plums are arranged over the bread dough or pizza dough that's brushed with garlic olive oil. It's a cheese free flatbread but still so yummy.

Simple Almond Milk
Simple Almond Milk
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Almond milk naturally contains fewer calories than plain soy or skim milk, and has higher amounts of calcium, vitamin E, vitamin D, vitamin A. Almond milk is our absolute favorite dairy replacement beverage, and is fantastic in lattes. From my blog at

Magical Fruit Salad

It tastes very magically!

Scrambled Eggs with Shrimp & Sherry
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I always cook this recipe for breakfasts, my kids and husband, they all love it.

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