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Halloween recipe collection

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies

28 days ago


Perfect in the fall when pumpkins start appearing in the markets. The cookies turn out cake-like and golden. The gentle mix of pumpkin and cinnamon works well with the chocola...

Baked Bloody Rats-Halloween Meatloaf

28 days ago

1.68 k

How about having some baked "rats" made of ground beef at Halloween dinner, this will impress everybody!

Cajun Toasted Pumpkin Seeds

28 days ago


These delicious and nutritious toasted cajun pumpkin seeds are a great snack. They taste good, and are also good for you.

Halloween Bat Cupcakes

28 days ago


Super easy to make, and we made our own chocolate cupcakes recipe and chocolate wafers recipes, you can find both of them here too! Not too sweet, not too much butter, and also ...

Halloween Cheddar Poppy Moon Crackers

28 days ago


The crispy texture and flavor reminded me of Ritz Cheese crackers but with a richer cheese flavor.

Halloween Chocolate Spiders

29 days ago


This is a fun recipe for you to make with your kids, and your kids will love these chocolate coated spiders!!

Halloween Eyeballs in Green Brains

29 days ago


Your kids might start to love broccoli in the tasty bowl of green gruel with an eyeball in the middle. Perfectly healthy and fun recipe for kids at Halloween.

Halloween Ghost Potatoes

28 days ago


A Halloween take on mashed potatoes that your kids will love. The potatoes are piped into ghost shapes and then baked until lightly browned in the oven. Use an oval gratin dish ...

Halloween Grave Yard Cupcake

29 days ago


Grave yard cupcakes add some extra horrific sense to your Halloween party!

Halloween Oreo Cookies

28 days ago


A home-made Halloween treat that your kids will love. Chocolate sandwich cookies shaped using Halloween cookie cutters.

Halloween Popcorn Peanut Pumpkins

29 days ago


Shape popcorn into pumpkins, these cute pumpkins are a great treat at your Halloween party!

Halloween Spooky Witches Fingers

29 days ago


This classical Halloween recipe is always popular at my Halloween parties, everyone loves them!

Halloween Witch Cupcakes

28 days ago


These cute wicked cupcakes will definitely impress your kids and the friends, and they are delicious!

Pumpkin Patch Dirt Cake

29 days ago


Appropriate for Halloween, this dirt cake couldn't be easier to prepare.

Quick and Easy Frog's Eye Salad

5 days ago

12.1 k

A delicious kind of salad made with mandarin oranges, pineapple chunks, flaked coconut and whipped topping.

Quick Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

28 days ago


Delicious roasted pumpkin seeds are also packed with goodness. Next time when you have some raw pumpkin seeds, don't throw them away. Make this yummy snack that is good for you!

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