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Sour cream, non-fat

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50 percent Reduced Fat Banana Nut Bread

21 days ago


50 percent Reduced Fat Banana Nut Bread recipe

Cabbage-Apple Slaw

21 days ago


Made this recipe with low-fat sour cream and a bit mayonnaise, deliciously creamy, and loved the fruitiness from the apples. This coleslaw is delicious at many ways, topping for...

Cheddar Cornmeal Biscuits with Chives

21 days ago


Cheesy, moist and delicious! These biscuits are certainly one of the best ones we have ever had.

Chicken Mac Casserole

21 days ago

1.01 k

Chicken mac and cheese casserole. Crusty, cheese topped, satisfying bubbly perfection.

Chicken Salad Contessa

21 days ago


Great as a salad or sandwich.

Garden-Fresh Turkey Burgers

21 days ago


Garden-Fresh Turkey Burgers recipe

Greens with Roasted Corn and Pepper Salad



This is one of my favorites, and is always a hit when I bring it to potlucks.

Mushroom and Leek Gallette

21 days ago


This mushroom and leek pizza may be a little bit different from the normal pizza, but they are delicous. Mushrooms are cooked with leeks, just perfect.

Phyllo Chicken Pot Pie

3 days ago

1.06 k

An excellent way to use up leftover chicken or turkey meat. The recipe uses phyllo instead of a carb-dense and high-fat pie crust, which significantly reduces the amount of calo...

Apple Celery and Walnut Salad

4 days ago

1.65 k

A crunchy combination of apples and celery with bits of toasted walnut in a creamy dressing. Perfect along side of pork or any other main dish.

Black Forest Cherry Cheesecake

21 days ago


This cheesecake is amazingly chocolatey and delicious. It screams out the cherry flavour. Definitely worth the effort.

Chicken Mushroom Quesadillas

21 days ago


An easy Mexican-style chicken, mushrooms and spinach between crispy tortillas.

Chipotle Coleslaw

21 days ago


Super quick, easy to make, and it's creamy and delicious with some nice crunch and freshness.

Fat Free Multigrain Pancakes

21 days ago


Fat Free Multigrain Pancakes recipe

Salmon Fillet with Dilled Potatoes

22 days ago


Quick, easy and delicious. The creamy potato salad was a great side dish to serve with dilly salmon, and we had all the goodness our bodies needed as well. A perfect dinner on a...