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Fresh Peach and Plum Tart


Inspired by the fresh peach tart recipe I made a few days ago, yesterday came out this fresh peach and plum tart recipe. This time I used a lot both freshly seasonal peaches and plums, and also made a 11-inch tart to satisfy my fruit tart craving. It came out beautiful and delicious, definitely the kind of dessert that I love to have in summer!












Low Cholesterol, Trans-fat Free, Good source of fiber, Low Sodium


For the crust:
1 cup whole-wheat pastry flour
or white flour
1 cup almonds
slivered or sliced, lightly toasted in a pan for about 8 minutes, or in the oven under 350 F, about 15 minutes
3 tablespoons brown sugar, light
¼ teaspoon salt
2 tablespoons butter, unsalted
cold, cut into small pieces
2 tablespoons canola oil
or light olive oil
2 tablespoons water
iced, or as needed
For the filling:
1 ½ pounds peaches
evenly sliced, about 1/4- inch to 1/2-inch thick
1 pound plums
evenly sliced, about 1/4-inch to 1/2-inch thick
½ cup apricot preserves (jam)
2 tablespoons turbinado sugar
or brown sugar,for sprinking


For the crust:

Coat a 11-inch round tart pan with a removable bottom with cooking spray or similar capacity rectangular pans.

Add toasted almonds into food processor, pulse until finely ground.

Combine whole wheat pastry flour, ground almonds, sugar and salt in a food processor, pulse until well mixed.

Add butter and oil, pulse until incorporated.

Add ice water and pulse until the dough almost forms.

Turn dough out into prepared pan (it will be crumbly), spread evenly and press firmly into bottom and all the way up the sides to form a crust.

Use a fork to pierce bottom of tart.

Put crust into freezer, freeze about 15 minutes.

Preheat oven to 400℉ (200℃).

Bake crust until set and the edges are beginning to brown, about 15 minutes.

Let cool on wire rack for about 15 minutes.

For the filling:

Spread half of the apricot jam evenly over the bottom.

Arrange peach and plum slices neatly over tart, whatever way you prefer.

Brush with remaining apricot jam mixed with about 1 tablespoon of water.

Sprinkle sugar on top.

Put in the oven, bake for 20 to 25 minutes.

If the edges turn into too brown, half way through the baking, use foil paper to wrap the edges to prevent from burning.

Transfer onto a wire rack, let cool completely.



* not incl. in nutrient facts

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I had this at an outdoor party yesterday. It was definitely a hit!!! Oh so GOOOOD!

about 12 years ago

United Kingdom

I just accidentally rated this recipe half a star by being a butter fingers on my phone. Please discount that low rating!!!!

about 3 years ago

Nutrition Facts

Serving Size 124g (4.4 oz)
Amount per Serving
Calories 18241% of calories from fat
 % Daily Value *
Total Fat 8g 13%
Saturated Fat 2g 9%
Trans Fat 0g
Cholesterol 5mg 2%
Sodium 52mg 2%
Total Carbohydrate 9g 9%
Dietary Fiber 3g 10%
Sugars g
Protein 7g
Vitamin A 7% Vitamin C 13%
Calcium 3% Iron 8%
* based on a 2,000 calorie diet How is this calculated?


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