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About me

Thank you for stopping by, and thank you for viewing my personal profile :-)

We are an independent recipe website, we only have two employees, Sean and I (a husband and wife team). We make all kinds of recipes from scratch everyday, and try to develop both delicious and healthy recipes to share with everyone.

Always have the passion towards food. Grew up in China, since I was a kid, I was always watching and helping my mom prepare dinner in the kitchen. In 2008 married to my husband Sean (the greatest man in my eyes) who is the founder of

From then on, my food journey began, sometimes felt disappointed, sometimes felt frustrated, but most of the time I felt happy and satisfied, especially when people who tasted the food told me how delicious it was, really made me feel great. I know there is nothing that can replace this satisfaction! I found that my real passion is absolutely to work in the kitchen, and cook delicious food everyday...Never give up, keep moving forward...

All the pictures under both of our accounts are taken in our photo studio. Sean does all the programing and technical work, complicated stuff... He is the soul of and he is a great cook as well.

We also love you to share your favorite recipes with photos with us and all the visitors, and we always want to hear from you about any problem you may find on our site, or any advice you want to give us. You can also find us on Facebook and Google+.

English is my second language, so I welcome everybody to help me improve my English. Every time when you view the recipe that I submit, you can always leave a comment to tell me how my description or review is. I will appreciate it a lot...

Without your consistent support, there is no recipeland, so we thank you so much to all of our lovely users. Truly appreciate all your recipes, photos, reviews, and blogs you have been sharing over years, and all the feedbacks and advice you have been giving us. Thank you to you all and lots of love!!



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Cooking Interests

I have been making all kinds of great recipes, such as all kinds of bread, muffins, cupcakes, cookies, casseroles...

I love to try different recipes.

I love Chinese, French, Japanese, Korean, Italian, Greek, almost all the delicious foods in the world...

Big Cheese (one of my favorite pizza restaurant in Miami)

Fireplace (one of my favorite Chinese restaurant in Toronto)




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Besides baking, cooking and eating :D I love washing dishes by hand and grinding our own whole wheat flour with our country mill, and gardening (have been planting lots of vegetables at our backyard) It's a pleasure to see how they grow up day by day :)

Love to listen to good music, watch classic movies, and lots of cooking shows, all the shows that Gordon Ramsay is in, such as Kitchen Nightmare, Hell's Kitchen, also we like watching Top Chef, Master Chef, Iron Chef, and some other interesting cooking shows, too many to count...

Life is Good :-)