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South Beach Quiche Cups "To Go"

According to a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, people who do not eat breakfast tend to have higher insulin levels, higher cholesterol, and worse eating habits in general than those who do eat breakfast. 

Many Americans skip breakfast or turn to expensive fast food and convenience items because they are busy. This is a threat to their health and wastes money! 

By investing a little bit of free time in preparing a few quick and easy recipes, you can save time and money. Store these items in the freezer. Just defrost them in the microwave and a warm and tasty breakfast is ready any day of the week!

What staple breakfast goodies should be stashed in the freezer?

• Bake off a savory egg casserole recipe and freeze it in slices. When you are ready to eat, microwave a slice. Toast an english muffin and add cheese for a delicious breakfast sandwich. Use your favorite egg casserole recipe or try Baked Scrambled Egg Casserole.

• For a heart-healthy alternative try South Beach Breakfast Quiche To Go or turn your own quiche or scrambled egg dish into a grab and go breakfast by baking individual servings in a muffin pan. Cool and freeze in a zipper back and heat in your microwave for a speedy 2 minute breakfast.

Muffins, scones, and quick breads are scrumptious and easy to eat on the go! To enjoy these baked goods, microwave them for 20 seconds. Try rich Maple Pecan Scones, classic Blueberry Oat Muffins or Alaskan Blueberry Coffee Cake to start your day.

Preparing your own breakfast also allows you to control the quality and nutrition of the ingredients in the recipes you prepare.

Cool the foods you have baked to room temperature before freezing them.

Make the best choice for your health and wallet by serving breakfast from the freezer!