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Red vinegar

About the ingredient red vinegar. Including 11 recipes with red vinegar.



In Chinese:红醋
British (UK) term: Red vinegar
en français:de vinaigre rouge
en español:vinagre rojo

Recipes using red vinegar

There are 11 recipes that contain this ingredient.

Roasted Tofu With Oyster Mushroom Gravy

Roasted Tofu With Oyster Mushroom Gravy

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Using this lovely way to cook tofu, you will be amazed by the flavored texture tofu, serve with tasty mushroom gravy, it is a perfect dish.

Mild Fresh Salsa

Mild Fresh Salsa

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Trust me; take the time to make fresh salsa. The jarred salsas can't even come close to the flavor of fresh salsa.


Martha's Vineyard Raspberry Chicken

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Martha's Vineyard Raspberry Chicken recipe


Black Bean, Corn, & Jalapeño Salad


This is a no-fail recipe. And if it lasts more than a day, it's still fantastic 3 days later. All of my friends and co-workers love this dish for potlucks and parties! TRY IT!

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