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Chocolate pudding

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In Chinese:巧克力布丁
British (UK) term:
en français:pudding au chocolat
en español:budín de chocolate

Recipes using chocolate pudding

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Prinzregent Torte

Prinzregent Torte

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I made this recipe for my boyfriend on his birthday and he asked me to marry him (I did). I'm not saying for sure that the Prinzregent Torte is why Don wanted to marry me, but I've always worried that it might have been. It is a magnificent recipe that always evokes incredulous cries of pleasure from people that I serve it to. The cake is a lot of work, so I only make it about once a year, but the people that I make it for feel very special.


Pistachio Chocolate Pudding

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Pudding is always a great dessert, and on the top, spread some pistachio, really great!

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