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9 benedict recipes

by title

Asparagus Eggs Benedict (Microwave)



A microwave version of the french classic Eggs Benedict. Easy to make version of Hollandaise sauce.

Blender Eggs Benedict & Baby Spinach



This version of Eggs Benedict uses a quick blender technique to make the Hollandaise sauce. Similar to making homemade mayonnaise.

Vegetarian Artichoke Eggs Benedict



Found this recipe in one of my favorite magazines, Eating Well. Loved it so much that I've tweaked it a bit to make it more vegetarian.

Artichoke Eggs Benedict



This much quicker and easier to prepare version of the classic Eggs Benedict. Reduced fat but equally as decadent as the original. This is a variation of a vegetarian version of...

Arugula (Rocket) Eggs Benedict



A vegetarian version of Eggs Benedict that replaces the typical ham with spicy Arugula (called Rocket in the UK and Australia).

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