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Sage and Walnut Pesto Pasta
Sage & Walnut Pesto Pasta

Sage and parsley bring herbal, earthy, and outdoorsy notes to the forefront, walnuts bring meaty richness, and Parmesan brings home the umami. This simple recipe is all about technique. The pesto then coats the pasta dreamily. Best of all, it's super simple and quick to plate.

Goat Cheese & Zucchini Omelet for Two
Goat Cheese & Zucchini Omelet for Two

Eggs & zucchini creamily enveloped by warm and creamy tangy goat cheese and sweet caramelized onion mixture. When you've got zucchini overload and aren't sure what to do, this is my go-to recipe that feeds the need.

Artichoke Hearts and Fried Egg Crostini
Artichoke Hearts & Fried Egg Crostini

Spread some pizza sauce over a few slices of toast, arrange a few marinated artichoke hearts and half fried egg over each toast. Drizzle a bit hot sauce on top. A quick, easy and tasty crostini is ready within 10 minutes.

Pomegranate Seeds
Pomegranate Seeds

If you don't want to wear a rubber raincoat, surgical gloves and eye goggles, the following is the EASIEST and cleanest way to seed the ever elusive pomegranate.

Charred New Potato and Fennel Salad
Charred New Potato & Fennel Salad

Easy and tasty. Serve it with some delicious summer BBQ, arrange the salad over a bed of fresh greens to get some veggie boost.

Goey Crispy Grilled Cheeser Sandwiches
Goey Crispy Grilled Cheeser Sandwiches


Egg Sandwich with Arugula
Egg Sandwich with Arugula

A pan-fried sunny-side up egg, fresh-peppery arugula, a bit hot pepper sauce and two slices of toasted whole grain bread together make a delicious and nutritious breakfast sandwich.

Artichoke Hearts, Basil Pesto and Fried Egg Crostini
Artichoke Hearts, Basil Pesto & Fried Egg Crostini

Basil pesto, marinated artichoke hearts, fried egg and some hot pepper sauce are topped on a slice of rosemary-olive oil bread.

One Pan Pasta and Meatballs
One Pan Pasta & Meatballs

One Pan Pasta and Meatballs recipe.

Easy Yummy Sugar Cookies
Easy Yummy Sugar Cookies

Easy Yummy Sugar Cookies recipe

Delicious Pancakes
Delicious Pancakes

Pancakes from scratch.

What to do when your brother gives you a courgette.
What to do when your brother gives you a courgette.

What to do when your brother gives you a courgette but you only like potatos.

Amazing Egg Salad Sandwiches
Amazing Egg Salad Sandwiches

Learn the secrets of perfecting egg salad by employing some simple cooking techniques. A classic quick and easy egg salad recipe that balances simple elements into an improved timeless classic.

Quick Turkish Eggs, Spinach and Chickpeas
Quick Turkish Eggs, Spinach & Chickpeas

Eggs are simply poached with chickpeas and spinach. This can be a hearty breakfast or a quick and easy light meal. Super simple and one-pan preparation makes it perfect for a snappy weeknight meal or weekend brunch.

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