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Swiss chard

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Chard, Kale and Cheddar Phyllo Pie

29 days ago


It's the season of Swiss chard and kale. We got lots of these fresh leafy greens from our CSA farm, and I was trying to come out an idea to use them up, surfing the internet, fo...

Cheesy Green Garden Pizza

8 days ago


Fresh vegetables on top, spread the pesto evenly on the pizza dough, sprinkle cheddar cheese on top of the vegetables, great combination for a garden pizza.

Crustless Swiss Chard and Goat Cheese Quiche



This quiche uses potatoes on the bottom in place of the crust. Swiss chard sauteed with garlic give the egg custard more flavor and texture. Goat cheese on top gives lovely bur...

Mediterranean Chard, Feta and Olive Tart

9 days ago


A delicious savory tart, chunks of feta, black olives and herbal crust are delicious together. It can be served as an appetizer or a main dish!

Pasta with Chard, Garlic and Parmesan

16 days ago


An easy, tasty yet wholesome week-night meal is all in one pot.

Swiss Chard and Heirloom Tomato Frittata

17 days ago


Earthy swiss chard and heirloom tomatoes combined with basil and mozzarella make an awesome one skillet main course.

Black Bean Chilaquile



This turned out quite nicely, great mix of textures and flavors. If you use store bought salsa and store bought tortilla chips you will want to watch the salt levels.

Chard Panini with Bean Spread



These delicious panini is made with whole grain bread, spread with creamy yet tasty white bean spread, topped with swiss chard that's braised in a mixture of broth and wine. It ...

Crustless Swiss Chard, Leek and Herb Quiche



Try this easy to make crust-less quiche with any kind of your favorite greens, such as spinach, kale... Delicious, light and low in calorie and fat.

Feta, Ricotta and Swiss Chard Frittata



Found this recipe in donna hay magazine, and I just happened to have all the ingredients this recipe called for. I did make a few changes and cook it differently. The frittata c...

Sauteed Mushroom and Layered Mashed Potato Casserole



Sauteed mushroom and Swiss chard with layered mashed potatoes, sprinkle grated Parmesan cheese on top, after baking the flavor is wonderful. It is also a good dish for holidays.

Salmon Poached with Tomatoes and Swiss Chard

26 days ago


Rich and creamy shallow poached tender salmon.

Summer White Bean Soup



Summer White Bean Soup recipe

Chicken Fondue in Ginger Broth

12 days ago


A succulent chicken fondue that doesn't take a lot to make or enjoy!

Vegetable Mafe



A spicy and delicious sauce made of potatoes, carrots and cabbage that is excellent over rice.