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5 Tips for Feeling Happier While Eating Less

When we place tight restrictions on what we are eating in an effort to lose weight, it can make us cranky. Some use the term “hangry” to describe that irritable feeling you get when you are hungry.

It can be difficult to get through the first few weeks of trying to make healthy changes to your diet, but it can be done! Here are 5 things that you can do to feel happier instead of angry when you are hungry.

1. Make it Look Pretty

When you are trying to lose weight, you are hopefully making more colourful choices and adding in tons of fruits and veggies. These colourful choices look even more delicious when served on a bright white plate, and when your food looks attractive, you will be happier and not feel deprived.

2. Choose the Right Size Plate

Instead of using full size dinner plates, which are often 12 inches in diameter, choose the 10-inch diameter version and you will feel like you are getting bigger portions while you are actually eating less.

3. Simplify Place Settings

Match your plates to your tablecloth for an elegant but simple appearance. When the place settings look pretty, you will find that you enjoy your meal more—even when you are watching calories.

4. Opt for Smaller Utensils

When you eat with smaller, lighter forks and spoons, you will be more focused on the food and it will feel like you are eating more. This helps make you enjoy the meal more and feel less like you might be missing out on something better.

5. Use Tall, Skinny Glassware

When serving drinks with your meal, use taller, skinnier glassware. You will pour less into a taller glass than a shorter glass, in most cases. Unless you are opting for water, this saves you a ton of calories.

Just because you are watching what you are eating doesn’t mean you should feel deprived. Avoid getting cranky, or hangry, when you are making healthier choices by ensuring that your food looks attractive and you are enjoying the experience more.