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About the ingredient mortadella. Including 4 recipes with mortadella.



In Chinese:意式肉肠
British (UK) term: Mortadella
en français:mortadelle
en español:mortadela

Recipes using mortadella

There are 4 recipes that contain this ingredient.

Nancy's Fabulous Muffaletta Sandwiches
Nancy's Fabulous Muffaletta Sandwiches
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Nancy's Fabulous Muffaletta Sandwiches recipe

Antipasto #1
Antipasto #1
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Eat heartily, accompanied by much loud Italian conversation. In fact, I typed this accompanied by much loud Italian conversation. My parents were here, and both were shouting instructions over my shoulder. They disagreed about the arrangement of the lettuce - my mother said that the hole in the middle of the platter was necessary; my father insisted that it wasn't, saying you can just dump the tuna on top of the lettuce. I finally had to give up on this reply until they went home. So now, in the peace and quiet of the aftermath, I've finished it. Hope you had a wonderful holiday.

Endive Stuffed with Mortadella
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Mortadella is one of the most popular cold cuts we have in Italy. It's a typical product from northern Italy, made of pork meat, little chunks of porkfat and spices. It's tasty and savoury, the perfect filling for a sanwich, and ideal for stuffings. It's definitely my favourite 'salume' ! Try it in this recipe, it's a special starter - delicate and sofisticated - and it's EASY to prepare! I found this recipe on the website of a famous producer of traditional Italian cold cuts.

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