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Garlic scapes

What are garlic scapes? About the ingredient garlic scapes. Including 4 recipes with garlic scapes, and where to find it.


At the beginning of garlic growth, and the bulbous bottom has formed, yet before it is ready for harvest the hard-neck variety of garlic sends out a thin, long, curly stalk. That is a garlic scape.

The garlic scape is tender but firm, similar to very firm asparagus and it is very much edible.

The garlic scape is lime-green colored and consists of the unopened flower buds.

Garlic scapes have a more mild garlic flavor and subtle sweetness, which makes them a prized ingredient for those in the know.

Find garlic scapes during early summer at farmer's markets. The season is only a couple of weeks long so keep an eye out. When growing your own garlic (which happens to be very easy and forgiving), trim the scapes off the plant before the flowers form so as to force the plant to focus on bulb production rather than flower production. This will increase the size of the garlic bulbs produced.

It is said that the more wild and crazy curls the garlic scape has the more soft and tender the scape is.

Garlic scapes

Where found

Garlic scapes is usually found in the produce section or aisle of the grocery store or supermarket.

In Chinese:unknown
British (UK) term: garlic scapes
en français:fleur d’ail
en español:paisajes de ajo

Recipes using garlic scapes

There are 4 recipes that contain this ingredient.

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