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Thai recipe collection

Thai Grilled Chicken with Sweet Chile Dipping Sauce

28 days ago


This was a great recipe! I've made it several times.

10 Minute Thai Basil Beef

3 days ago

1.91 k

Gently spicy basil scents the juicy strips of beef in this classic Thai inspired main. Incredibly quick and easy. It's ready to eat in 10 minutes if your ingredients are prepped...

Broiled or Grilled Marinated Chicken (Gai Yang)

28 days ago


Broiled or Grilled Marinated Chicken (Gai Yang) recipe

Pad Thai - Vegetarian

28 days ago


Pad Thai Pseudo

28 days ago


Pad Thai Pseudo recipe

Pad Thai Stir-Fried Rice Ribbon Noodles

12 days ago


Pad Thai Stir-Fried Rice Ribbon Noodles recipe

Spicy Thai Noodles with Chicken and Shrimp

about 8 hours ago


Glass noodles with chicken and shrimp lightly coated in a mildly spicy refreshing thai inspired sauce.

Spicy Thai Slaw

28 days ago


An easy to make coleslaw with south Asian flavors and a bit of a kick.

Tamarind Paste

28 days ago

1.81 k

Using fresh Tamarind pods make your own fresh homemade tamarind paste. You can use it in Indian cooking, Thai, Jamaican and Mexican. Add a spoonful to flavor curry, soups or e...

Thai Cabbage Slaw

28 days ago


A very tasty and refreshing salad, it's a perfect side dish with barbecued meat.

Thai Cauliflower Curry

29 days ago


A bit sweet, sour with slightly spicy, this Thai cauliflower curry has lots of deliciousness that coconut milk, fish sauce and Thai curry paste have delivered. Serve it over a ...

Thai Cucumber Salad

28 days ago


A quick yet refreshing Thai cucumber salad accompanies well with most of your summer Barbecue dishes.

Thai Glass Noodles (Yam Woon Sen)

28 days ago


A very clean and refreshing dish that's packed with flavour. I used half fish sauce and half soy sauce, which actually worked deliciously well. If you love Thai food, you should...

Thai Roasted Chile Paste

28 days ago


Cooks in Southeast Asia make use of pastes that combine roasted fresh or dried chillies with a variety of other seasonings. Various commercial chilli pastes are sold, but a good...

Tom Yum Goong - Savouring Southeast Asia

28 天 ago


Lemongrass soup with shrimp.

Cafe Kati's Mango Spring Rolls

28 days ago


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