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Australian recipe collection

Barbecue Meatloaf Aussie Style - First Prize

10 days ago

2.52 k

A prize winning best of the best meatloaf. Best meatloaf I've ever had.

Japanese Pumpkin Frittata Served with Bush Tomato Chutney



Japanese-style Frittata seasoned with Australian native spices and served with Australian Bush Tomato Chutney.

Mud Crab and Smoked Sweet Potato Gnocchi



Mud Crab seasoned Alpine Pepper and served with smoked sweet potato gnocchi

Kangaroo Striploin Tartlet with Sweet Potato and Bush Tomato Jus



Kangaroo striploin tartlet served with sweet potato (or kumara) and Australian Bush Tomato jus.

Paella with Shellfish and Lemon Aspen Fruits



Paella with shellfish and served with lemon aspen fruits

Lamb Loin with English Spinach Semi Dried Tomatoes and Bush Tomato Chutney



BBQ'd Lamb Loin stuffed with semi dried tomatoes and asparagus spears and served with bush tomato chutney and sauteed English spinach.

Chicken Kiev (Easy Version)



Easy Chicken recipe, easy foe me to make and less time consuming than traditional Chicken Kiev.

Three Cheese Corn Fritters with a Paperbark Smoked Beetroot Jam



Corn fritters made from cheese seasoned with Australian native herbs and spices, served with a paperbark smoked beetroot jam.

Wattleseed Crocodile with Riberry Confit



Crocodile seasoned with Wattleseed and served with Riberry Confit.

Maggie Beers's Apple Rosemary Pudding Cake with Sabayon Jus



Americanized version of Maggie Beer's recipe I saw on Masterchef Australia 2011 the other day.

Aussie Burger and Chips



Australian-style Lamb burgers and homemade chips, seasoned with Australian native herbs and spices.

Kangaroo Rump with Ricotta Filled Pine Mushrooms and Rocket



Kangaroo Rump marinated in Aniseed Myrtle and Alpine Pepper served with mushrooms filled with ricotta and spinach.

Prosciutto Wrapped Mini-meatloaves with Garlic Mashed Spuds



Prosciutto wrapped mini-meat loaves served with a fruit chutney and garlic mashed potatoes. Spotted this recipe some time ago on an Australian site (, tested, modified...

Garlic Mushrooms on Toast



A modernized British classic breakfast. Mushrooms on toast with garlic in a creamy sauce.

Orange, Passionfruit & Yogurt Cupcakes



Deliciously moist cupcakes packed with tempting flavors. These go splendidly with a cream cheese frosting!

Seafood Laksa with Wild Limes and Lemon Myrtle Linguini



Seafood laksa made with scallops, snapper, king prawns, squid and served with Australian-style lemon myrtle linguini.

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