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Slow Cooker Sticky Chicken Wings recipe
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Slow-Cooker Pulled Pork Sandwiches recipe


2011 Easy Dietary Guidelines

2011 Easy Dietary Guidelines

The new guidelines point out that obesity is the No.1 public health nutrition problem in the U.S. and actually give good advice about what to do about it: eat less and eat better. For the first time, the guidelines make it clear that eating less has its priority.

Large variety of dried beans in burlap containers

Dried Beans - A Low-Cost and Healthy Addition to Your Diet

Preparing beans from scratch is one of the least expensive ways to stay full and healthy. Dr Maoshing Ni, in his article “The Healthy Benefits of Beans and Legumes,” states that...

Mindful Meditation Slows Dementia

Mindful Meditation Slows Dementia

As little as 15 minutes meditation per day has been shown to slow the progression of Alzheimer’s and help preserve cognitive function.

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Baked Stuffed French Toast

Breakfast in Bed for Mother’s Day!

Share the love with breakfast in bed for Mother's Day!

Restaurant Review: CN Tower 360 Restaurant, Toronto, Canada

Restaurant Review: CN Tower 360 Restaurant, Toronto, Canada

The CN Tower in Toronto, Canada is the tallest building in the world. Above the lookout decks is a nicely decorated restaurant aptly named “360 Restaurant”.

Talking Turkey: Serving the Perfect Bird

Talking Turkey: Serving the Perfect Bird

How you cook your turkey can make or break your Thanksgiving meal.

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