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Fenugreek leaves

What are fenugreek leaves? About the ingredient fenugreek leaves. Including 5 recipes with fenugreek leaves, and where to find it.


Fenugreek is an aromatic Mediterranean plant coming from the Middle-East.

It belongs to the pea family and produces slender, long, curved pods that contain flattened brownish coloured seeds.

Fenugreek leaves have a very strong aroma and in India, Turkey and various Arab countries are used either fresh or dried as a culinary vegetable or herb.

Where found

Fenugreek leaves is usually found in the produce section or aisle of the grocery store or supermarket.

In Chinese:胡芦巴叶
British (UK) term: Fenugreek leaves
en français:feuilles de fenugrec
en español:hojas de fenogreco

Recipes using fenugreek leaves

There are 5 recipes that contain this ingredient.

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