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Berries recipes

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Multi-Grain Hot Cereal for Crockpot

6 days ago


Super easy and super healthy multi-grain Hot Cereal (Slow-Cooker) recipe. Loads of complex carbs to keep give you energy all morning.

Citrus Cranberry Raspberry Preserves

4 days ago


Cranberry-Raspberry Preserves recipe

Ricotta and Strawberry Cheese Pie with Almond Crust

7 days ago


Much lighter than classic cheesecake, and it is very smooth and flavorful, nice and creamy flavor from ricotta cheese and sour cream, lemon juice and zests add the refreshing ci...

Cheesecake Cookie Squares



Like cookies and also like cheesecake, the combination of both cookies and cheesecake, wow, sounds a good idea for a sweet treat to satisfy the sweet tooth!

Whole Wheat and Quinoa Pancakes



Quinoa is getting more and more popular because it's rich in protein and fiber, and it's versatile to cook. This recipe uses both whole wheat flour and quinoa flour to give the ...

Dijon Cranberry Holiday Italian Meatballs



This recipe makes the perfect appetizer for a busy holiday host!

Brown Sugar Berry Scones

4 days ago


Brown Sugar Scones recipe

Blackberry Roly-poly

11 days ago


A rustic classic filled with blackberries, from my Grandmother's recipe book.

Apple Grape Berry Pie

4 days ago


Juicy apples, grapes and raspberry jam make a delicious pie that everyone asks for a second slice.

Strawberry Pot Pie

3 days ago


Fresh or frozen strawberries, both work well here, and the shortbread like crust on top gives the nice crunch with the soaked in strawberry juice. It is full of fresh strawberry...

Apple Grape Berry Pie (Healthier Version)



Instead of store-bought pie crust, we made our own with most whole wheat flour and olive oil, which made the crust a lot healthier with flaky texture and delicious flavor. Now e...

Fresh Blueberry Crumb Pie

4 days ago


With a fresh berry filling accented with a hint of lemon, this crunchy-topped pie satifies lovers of both pies and fruit crisps.

Berry Yoghurt Ice Cream

4 days ago


This ice cream is my favorite one, I always use low-fat yogurt, sometimes mixing more kinds of berries, very tasty and healthy!

Berry Teatime Muffins



Berry Teatime Muffins recipe

Apple-Berry Granola



A tangy, delicious, and nutrition-rich treat!

Quinoa, Blueberry and Yogurt Parfait

4日 ago


This breakfast parfait is made with quinoa, yogurt, fresh blueberries and toasted almonds. You can make it one day ahead, put in the fridge, and enjoy this wholesome and delicio...


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