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Don’t Worry About Being a Slob

Most people feel a bit ashamed about being messy. But, here are seven great things to realize if you are somewhat of a slob. You may be better off than you think.

1. When you don’t make your bed, you reduce the risk of dust mites.

It might gross you out to realize that there are more than 1.5 million dust mites in your bed right now. These mites feed off of your dead skin and enjoy the moisture in your sweaty sheets. One way to stop them is by not making your bed. This lets your sheets breathe, and makes dust mites feel less comfortable. The dust mites will dehydrate and die when your bed is left unmade.

2. Better hair days when you skip washing.

When you wash your hair every day, you remove many of the essential oils that help keep your hair looking shiny and healthy. You also increase the split ends. Washing your hair every day can lead to dullness. Of course, there is a fine line between having a healthy amount of oils and looking really dirty, so keep track and only skip a day or two in between washings.

3. Lazy people may have lower blood pressure.

Sure, exercising is definitely good for you, but when it comes to your mental health, doing nothing occasionally is very good for you. When we are constantly doing something, our minds do not have time to relax and catch up. Try relaxation techniques and meditation to try and stop your body and get used to doing “nothing” more often.

4. Less variety leads to less “decision fatigue”.

When you constantly have to make choices about what you are doing, like what you are wearing or what to buy at the store, you will ultimately reach a point of “decision fatigue.” Those who are able to reduce their decisions (Barack Obama only wears blue or gray suits for this very reason) are better able to make consistent decisions, and avoid impulsive acts like junk food, alcohol, or even drug use.

5. A messy desk boosts creativity.

A study conducted at the University of Minnesota studied two groups of participants. One group was in a tidy room, the other in a messy room. They were asked to brainstorm multiple uses for ping pong balls. Both groups came up with a similar number of ideas, but the ideas generated by the group in the messy room were far more creative and demonstrated more “out of the box” thinking than their tidy-room counterparts.

6. Unwashed jeans last longer.

Experts will tell you that hot water and detergent cause denim to fade and break down. This leads to rips and holes. The longer you go between washes, the longer your jeans will last. Some think this is unsanitary, but a study at the University of Alberta in Canada found that, in general, skin microorganisms, the ones that comes from skin and sweat, are not harmful to ourselves. So, spot clean your jeans in between washes and make them last longer.

7. Kids who play in the dirt are healthier.

A study conducted at Northwestern University showed that “the body’s inflammatory systems, which plays a crucial role in the immune system’s fight against infection” are improved by having exposure to microbes in the environment early in life. So, let your kids play in the mud, it’s good for their health!

Don’t worry so much about constantly tidying up, being messy does have its advantages!


Ottawa, Canada
 17 days ago

one lady that I know is very obsessed about cleaning,like that is her whole life,even makes her boyfriend pitch in,what do you think about this?


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