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Dragee (silver balls)

About the ingredient dragee (silver balls). Including 4 recipes with dragee (silver balls).



In Chinese:糖衣片(银球)
British (UK) term: Dragee (silver balls)
en français:dragées (boules d'argent)
en español:grageas (bolas de plata)

Recipes using dragee (silver balls)

There are 4 recipes that contain this ingredient.

Lemon Snowflake Cake

Lemon Snowflake Cake

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White-chocolate snowflakes balance gracefully on a delicate, lemony three-layer white cake filled with zesty lemon custard and covered with a white-chocolate frosting.


Laurie's Christmas Shortbread


Celebrate the holidays with these delicious shortbread cookies that will have you wishing Christmas came more than once a year.


Black Cake

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A scrumptious cake made with raisins, glaced cherries and dark rum which makes it a popular Christmas favorite in the Caribbean.

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