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French Classic recipe collection

Beef Bourguignon for Two

25 days ago

4.08 k

Beef tips marinated in red wine. Pancetta (or bacon), garlic and onion. Simple flavors highlighted by earthy mushrooms, simmered long and slow.

Chicken Cutlets Romano

9 days ago

1.95 k

Outstanding, the light herb and cheese enriched batter sealed in the juices and kept the chicken breast cutlets super moist.

Crock Pot Beef Bourguignon

14 days ago

1.02 k

This was outstanding. A huge amount of flavor was developed in the slow and low technique using my slow cooker. A classic mostly hands-free make ahead main dish that filled the ...

Hollandaise Sauce (Original and Authentic Version)

2 days ago

2.15 k

Egg yolk and butter sauce flavored with lemon juice. This is THE classic sauce with slight modifications to reduce the amount of fat. It is made with warmed egg yolks flavored ...

Potato Ham and Herb Omelette


1.08 k

A marvelously well balanced combination of that go so well together for a perfect Sunday brunch.

Applebee's Baked French Onion Soup

36 minutes ago

1.72 k

Under the gooey melted provolone of the original version you get from Applebee's is a unique round crouton that's made from bread similar to a hamburger bun. So that's exactly ...

Low Fat Quiche Lorraine



Reduce the fat of a full flavored quiche Lorraine by replacing the cream with buttermilk and using an easy press in the pan crust.

Vanilla Bean Blancmange



Literally means "white food". Blancmange is a delicate, quivering snow-white pudding that goes back to the 16th century that was extremely popular in the Victorian age.

Best French Bread



Best French Bread recipe

Chocolate Truffles (French-Style)

18 days ago


Chocolate Truffles (French-Style) recipe

Homemade French Bread



Homemade French Bread recipe

Lazarus Bread Pudding with Whiskey Sauce

9 days ago

2.45 k

Best bread pudding recipe with a vanilla custard bottom and a lovely rich whiskey sauce for serving. Decadent and utterly delicious. Turns stale bread into true comfort food.

Tom's French Bread



French Bread recipe

Woman's Day Bechamel Sauce



A straight up French Bechamel sauce from Woman's Day magazine.

French Market Soup



A classic homestyle French dish.

Amazing French Onion Soup



Easy French Onion Soup recipe

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