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Smartphone and Fitbit One

Fitness apps are flooding the market these days, and for good reason. As the latest craze in fitness and weight-loss technology, interactive exercise apps help take the pain out of working out. The success of these apps is based on the simple idea that exercising should be fun.

Even adults need time to play and these apps make that possible. Whether running for your life to sound of the walking dead hot on your heels in Zombies, Run!, or virtually racing your friend on the other side of town during a morning jog, these interactive apps make it easier than ever to reach the flow state of real play. There’s no doubt that you will still “feel the burn,” but at least you’re having fun while pushing through it.

The “runner’s high” that kicks in and provides endorphins and focus to marathon runners is something that can be out of reach for those of us who are just starting an exercise routine. In some cases, physical limitations keep us from high calorie burning cardio workouts - but we still want to get fit.

The Fitbit One meets the needs of everyone from rock hard athletes to the more soft-around-the-middle folks who want to improve their health and lose a little weight. Nexercise, Fitocracy and Teemo are more great motivating fitness apps available to make tracking your daily exercise easier.

The Fitbit One is the newest version of the old-school pedometers used for tracking your exercise and calories burned. Wearing this device tracks how many steps you take, distance, stairs climbed and calories burned. You can also comfortably wear this lightweight - 8 gram - little gadget 24/7 on a wristband to keep track of your sleep quality too.

All the information is saved in it’s built-in memory that can be synced to your laptop, pc, or smartphone Fitbit App. Keeping track of your own exercise goals hasn’t been easier, and you can even monitor and compete with your friends in order to help everyone stay on track.

Virtually “teaming-up” with friends and family through the Fitbit and other synced fitness apps keeps you in charge of your personal training while providing goal and weight-loss support from others.

But let’s get back to the fun! Zombies, Run! might not be everyone’s first choice for an enjoyable audio backdrop to a jog in the park, but there are many other exercise game apps to choose from. BullDash guides through the running of the bulls in Pamplona, dodging horns as you go. Fit Freeway uses your body to emulate a race car engine while working out on an elliptical or treadmill – speeding up as you go faster and tilting your smartphone to steer.

Whether this interactive exercise app craze will fade over time is yet to be seen. For now, it’s clear that people are buying them up to add fun and diversity to their work-out routines. The more fun you are having, the more you will enjoy any activity – and these apps are making it happen with fitness.

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