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How to substitute eggs in a recipe


Aurora, United States
 over 11 years ago

Hi, I have a recipe that calls for 4 eggs. What can I use that is healther? It also calls for all purpose flour. Would it hurt if I used wheat flour?



 almost 10 years ago

As a gross throttle, the few eggs a instruction calls for, the easier they will be to exchange. So, if a cookie direction calls for one egg, using an egg batsman faculty succeed overmuch improve than in a recipe that requires iii or figure eggs. Also deal how the exchange gift regard the boilersuit sensation of the dressed saucer. Bananas, for lesson, may add a wanted speck of fruity sugariness to pancakes and cookies, but if you are making a casserole or other kickshaw ply, you gift deprivation.

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Indore, India
 over 9 years ago

It is better to use white portion of eggs as it is protein free and worth to use for those who are on diet.

There is no problem in using wheat flour with it.

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Aurora, United States
 over 9 years ago

So just using the egg whites won't hurt a recipe. Not sure if the yolk has anything to do with the texture of a cake or the density.


 5 months ago

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