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New topic

How do you store your recipes?


Los Angeles, CA, US
 over 13 years ago

Do you guys store your recipes in any special way?


Corona Del Mar, US
 over 13 years ago

i try not to. just keep it all my head. lol.

Calgary , Alberta, CA
 about 13 years ago

Look kids most of my recipes are in my head a few are written down in the great black book of "Gods Own Yada Yada"
Truth be told, Recipes are made to be improved upon with every generation of cooks, God bless them all.

Corona Del Mar, US
 over 12 years ago

I don't really store them I have a recipe book.

Corona Del Mar, US
 over 11 years ago

No, no special way. I write everything on pieces of paper then store it in a box. I think I need to be more organized and to get a software to have everything in one place.