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Crimp bread recipe


honeypooh - home chef honeypooh

 about 17 years ago

I live in a Dutch community and I buy crimp bread. I was wondering if anybody has a recipe for this bread? The ingredients are as follows: Enriched flour, water, shortening, sugar, eggs, yeast, non-fat dry milk, salt, malt, yeast food.
The bread is baked in a long tube (maybe even one that is cut in half length wise). I asked them at the bakery if it was called anything else and they only know it as crimp bread.

Thanks in advance for any help you can give.


Home chef Peanut Patty
Ola, United States
 about 17 years ago




300 lb. flour

190 lb. water

7 1/2 lb. yeast

1 1/4 lb. yeast food

2 1/2 lb. malt

1 1/4 lb. salt

2 1/2 lb. lard


200 lb. flour

80 lb. water

48 lb. milk

8 3/4 lb. salt

15 lb. sugar

10 lb. lard

7 1/2 lb. malt

Sponge should sit for 4 hours at 78 degrees. Put back in
mixer. Add dough ingredients. Mix until smooth and dry to
touch. Divide into 17 ounce pieces for 1 pound bread. This
should make 815 (1 pound) loaves of bread.
If your oven is too small, I hope you have a big freez-
er. If you don't have a 1000 pound mixer, you might try mixing
by hand in the bath tub. Of course you can divide the formula
by 815 and only make 1 loaf.