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Cottage Pie with Kale & Cauliflower Mash
Cottage Pie with Kale & Cauliflower Mash

This delicious cottage pie recipe is so easy to make and it tastes fantastic. It’s topped with a scrummy kale and cauliflower mash that’s bursting with nutrition and full of comforting flavours. This classic British dish makes such a great family meal and it can be ready in under 30 minutes. What are you waiting for?

Quinoa, Butternut Squash and Kale Salad
Quinoa, Butternut Squash & Kale Salad

My favorite way to use a sweet squash or sweet potato!

Tropikale Smoothie
Tropikale Smoothie

This delicious tropical smoothie is super healthy, refreshing and full of nutrition. At only 183 calories per serving and lots of nutrients such as vitamin C, vitamin B, vitamin K, calcium, potassium and even protein from the soya milk, there’s no excuse not to give it a try. If you like the idea of a green smoothie but find the taste of them a little bit bitter, then this recipe is definitely for you. The blend of banana, pineapple and orange juice together give a sweet and succulent taste – it’s incredible.

Refreshing Kale Salad
Refreshing Kale Salad

Kale is the new "IT" product with chefs and home cooks alike discovering the health benefits of this dark, leafy green. This salad recipe is easy to create and delicious on it's own or as a side dish to a piece of grilled fish or meat. Enjoy!!

Eggs with Potato and Kale Hash Nest
Eggs with Potato & Kale Hash Nest

Kale has become a super food, and there is a reason for it. It's packed with nutrients, and with little calories. This potato and kale hash has a great texture and flavour. The smoked cheddar and the eggs add a healthy dose of protein.

Kale Salad with Pinenuts, Currants and Parmesan
Kale Salad with Pinenuts, Currants & Parmesan

In a surprising twist, Tuscan kale is served raw—and makes for a substantial and satisfying fall salad. Sweet currants (or raisins) soaked in tangy white balasmic vingegar and salty parmesan punctuate the dressed, shredded kale.

Spicy Kale and Chick-Pea Stew
Spicy Kale & Chick-Pea Stew

Spicy Kale and Chick-Pea Stew recipe

Kale and Potato Hash
Kale & Potato Hash

This simple recipe is easy to follow, and it turns out delicious, kale adds lots of vitamins, and the flavor is great.

Roasted Sweet Potatoes with Hummus and Crispy Kale
Roasted Sweet Potatoes with Hummus & Crispy Kale

Sweet potatoes topped with sweet caramel onions, creamy hummus and crispy kale chips. It's even vegan and vegetarian but beefy enough to satisfy even the meat lovers.

Sweet Potato, Kale, and Feta Tart
Sweet Potato, Kale, & Feta Tart

This savory tart is a delicious way to cook with your leafy-greens, such as kale, Swiss chard, collards and sweet potato or squash. The balsamic vinegar is used on both cooking greens and caramelizing the onions, which really adds a delicious hint, the feta cheese adds the nice cheesiness and well-balanced saltiness. It can be served as a main dish or a side dish!

White Bean Soup with Broccoli Rabe and Kale
White Bean Soup with Broccoli Rabe & Kale

Light and tasty. Serve the soup with a few slices of garlic bread, delicious.

Cannellini Bean Soup with Kale and Garlic-Olive Oil Crostini
Cannellini Bean Soup with Kale & Garlic-Olive Oil Crostini

Use seasonal kale to make this hearty and delicious soup. The garlic-olive oil crostini is a must to help soak every drop of yumminess.

Power Kale Soup
Power Kale Soup

This delicious vegetable soup can help you use your left-over Parmesan rinds and your leftover bread, with several fresh vegetables under a low temperature cooking, the soup is just flavorful.

Curry Lentils and Kale
Curry Lentils & Kale

This hearty and healthy Indian style dish is quick-easy to make, and it's tasty.

Skillet Kale, Chickpeas and Tomatoes
Skillet Kale, Chickpeas & Tomatoes

The day we made this recipe, our friend happened to come over, and she had a simple dinner with us. This was the main course, served with warm naan bread. She just loved it. Also it was so quick and easy to make. A great week-night meal.

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