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Which Foods Are Worth the Splurge?

Healthy foods don’t have to break the budget, and you certainly have plenty of options when you walk the aisles of your local supermarket.

You probably hear a lot about the importance of spending a little more to get foods that are better for you, but if your budget is tight, here are a few tips about which foods are going to offer you the best health benefits from the splurge.

1. Organic lettuce, grapes, apples, spinach and milk

Organic foods are all the rage, and you are being bombarded with media messages about the dangers lurking in the foods you are eating and that you should eat a completely organic diet. While this is not necessarily a bad idea, it can be pretty costly. So, knowing which foods are most important to choose organic versions is important. These foods are ones that are particularly vulnerable to pesticides and more difficult to wash. Organic milk does not have the growth hormones and antibiotics that are often included in non-organic versions.

2. Wild salmon

Salmon that is farm-raised contains chemicals that are added to the water to help the salmon grow. Wild salmon is far healthier, and tastes better, too!

3. Local foods

When you buy local foods, you are not only getting foods that are definitely fresh and in season, but you are also more likely to get healthier versions that have not traveled a far distance to get to your shopping cart. When you buy these foods, you are also helping the environment because you are buying food that cost far less to transport.

4. Brown rice sushi and whole wheat pizza

White rice and white flour are refined carbohydrates that are pretty devoid of nutrients. When you eat the brown rice sushi and whole wheat pizza, you will not only get more nutrients but you are going to get added fiber in your diet and feel fuller for longer, which helps with weight loss.

5. Skinless chicken breasts

Breasts are the most expensive part of the chicken, but part of the reason is that chicken breasts are the healthiest part. The white meat is leaner and contains plenty of protein without too much fat. But, skip the skin if you want to avoid extra fat and cholesterol.

6. Good cuts of steak

Sirloin steaks are a bit on the pricey side compared with other types of steak, because this is a very lean cut high in protein, iron, and low in fat.

7. Fancy oils for dipping and cooking

Oils are not all created equal, and specialty flavoured oils are more expensive, but this means that the flavours will be richer and fuller and you will end up using less. This saves you fat and calories, and also gives you a little bit of a luxurious treat in your meal.

While buying completely organic foods may be out of your price range, consider trying these healthier versions of foods when you have a little extra to splurge.

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