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Need Another Reason to Exercise? How About a Better Sex Life?

Did you know that you can improve your sex life by exercising regularly? For many, this should be just the motivation that they need to get in shape! Just a small percentage of people know what it means to have a “runner’s high,” from pushing your body to the extreme and having pleasurable hormones and neurotransmitters released.

If you could be assured that having a regular exercise routine could lead to having a better sex life, with greater stamina and more intense orgasms, would that make you likely to hit the gym or take up running?

Exercise and good sex go hand in hand. Exercise and sex both release the endorphins that our brains need to feel good. The hormones that are released during exercise help to control heart rate, make the digestive system more effective, control blood pressure and relax your body by keeping cortisol (stress hormones) within reasonable limits. The same hormones are released during sex.

When you are fit, you will experience the following benefits to your sex life. Enjoy these activities with your partner and you will be even more likely to be ready for the bedroom!

1. Cardiovascular

Having a great cardio workout, like running or playing basketball, can raise your heart rate and release beta-endorphins into your system. Blood flow increases, and is directed to the places you need it most in order to have great sex. Enjoy cardio activities together to make it even more fun later!

2. Strength training

Experts think that one thing that can often lead to a low sex drive or libido is decreased levels of growth hormone. Strength training can increase the levels of growth hormone in your body, which helps with the production of testosterone. Because testosterone is partially responsible for arousal, strength training can boost your sex drive!

Again, take part in these exercise routines with your partner two to three times per week and you will both benefit!

3. Yoga

For centuries, yoga was recognized as being able to help one achieve a sense of sexual awakening. This is often referred to as tantra. When you are able to focus your mind and fine tune your senses, you will find that your sex life can dramatically improve. Additionally, when you use yoga as a regular form of exercise, you will not only feel refreshed and connected, but you will have some added flexibility and strength, two things that can contribute to great sex!

Any type of exercise can help to improve your sex life, but these are thought to be especially helpful because they not only help to release the most effective hormones, but they will help you control your weight, increase strength and improve your stamina and energy.

Exercise is helpful for both men and women, when it comes to improving their sex life. For women, physical activity is often able to make their bodies more sensitive and more ready to be pleasured. For men, sexual function is often improved. Plus, remember that sex can be a form of exercise, too! A healthy session can burn about 100 calories in a half hour! So, when it comes to your workouts, remember that there are many benefits to regular exercise.