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Just Relax

Are your days filled with all work and no play?  Are you overwhelmed by the stresses of daily life?  Taking the time to relax will not only improve your quality of life, but it will also preserve your health.

Stress has a measurable, negative impact on your health.  The Mayo Clinic reports that the stress of daily living can lead to negative effects on your body, mood, and behaviour.  Stress can also cause significant health problems like diabetes, heart disease, obesity, and high blood pressure.

Practicing relaxation as part of your daily routine can combat these negative effects of stress.  Relaxing gives your body and mind the opportunity to recharge.  It also gives you energy to face life’s challenges.

1. Enjoy each day.  Incorporating a few of your favourite activities each day will give you the opportunity to relax and de-stress.  A few minutes each day are enough to feel the positive effects!  Try one of these activities to rejuvenate your mind and body:

- Listen to your favourite music

- Look through a magazine you enjoy

- Spend a few minutes talking to a friend

- Go for a short walk

Even something as simple as sitting back with your eyes closed and clearing your mind for a few minutes can help you refocus and leave you feeling refreshed.

2. Organize your life.  Many people feel that they have no time to relax and enjoy life.  Proper planning is the solution.  Make sure to schedule periods of relaxation and set aside time to participate in your favourite activities.

-Be aware of how you spend your time.  Keep a diary for a few days to track how you spend your time.  Do you constantly check Facebook or read spam email?  Could you complete your household chores more efficiently or cut time out of your route to work?  The time you save can be spent relaxing in a bubble bath or reading a good book.

-Stay on task.  Avoid putting off the tasks you need to complete.  Make a list and do the most important things first.  Putting off tasks that seem too difficult will only make them harder to complete in the long run.

-Have a plan.  As you plan your week, schedule times to relax first!  Then add your work tasks, appointments, and other obligations to your calendar and daily to-do list.

3. Go on vacation.  Instead of dreaming about a vacation, schedule one.  Make plans, save money, and set aside time to take a relaxing break from daily life.

-Leave work behind.  To keep your vacation relaxed and stress-free, leave work at home.  Plan ahead and complete as many work projects as possible before you go on vacation.  Make arrangements for your co-workers to take care of any issues that might arise while you are gone.  Once your plans are set and your responsibilities are covered, push all thoughts about work out of your mind.  Just relax and enjoy your time away.

-A vacation doesn’t have to be two weeks.  Take the opportunities that are available to you to get away and relax.  You might be able to take a week off and go on a short cruise, or spend a weekend at a bed and breakfast.  Even spending the afternoon at a park or beach can help you relax and leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.



SOURCES:;  Image courtesy of duron123 /

SOURCES:;  Image courtesy of duron123 /