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Grilled Low-fat chicken breast with mash and green beans

A recent study conducted about chicken meat in Australia revealed some astonishing results. Nearly 80% of all Australians believe that chicken meat is filled with hormones and/or steroids. Most believe that this is the only way that farmers can produce bigger birds at a faster rate.

The astonishing news is that they are wrong. Australia has not used hormones or steroids in chicken meat in nearly 50 years. The practice of adding either of these products to chickens was banned a half of century ago and is still strictly enforced. The reason the birds are much bigger now is selective breeding and good food.

There has been extensive research conducted on the nutritional needs of chickens at every stage of their lives. Farmers have taken this knowledge and combined it with selective breeding to create these new, larger, healthier birds.

Consumers do not have to fear eating chicken because of health reasons. These birds are healthy and large due to careful care, not the use of hormones. People should feel free to enjoy this meat on regular occasion, it is a healthy dish for any meal.

Low-fat chicken recipes that taste great are abundant, popular and many are quick and easy to make.


johnpoll Bombay, India

Chicken is a low fat protein to begin with, and it is easy to find new and unique ways to prepare a low fat chicken recipe. You can even use some of your favorite traditional recipes for chicken and make them over into a low fat chicken recipe.