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Turkey italian sausage

About the ingredient turkey italian sausage. Including 3 recipes with turkey italian sausage.



In Chinese:火鸡意大利香肠
British (UK) term: Turkey italian sausage
en français:saucisse de dinde italien
en español:pavo salchicha italiana

Recipes using turkey italian sausage

There are 3 recipes that contain this ingredient.

Judi's Pizza Soup

Judi's Pizza Soup

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During the fall and winter I make homemade soup once a week. I’ve got dozens of delicious soup recipes, but the Pizza Soup was the favorite of our sons, Keith and Mark. It’s really easy to make. I apologize for the inexact quantities, but this is another recipe that I’ve never written down…and haven’t made it since last winter! I’ve given the basic recipe, but don’t be afraid to add other items you enjoy on your pizza…including a dash of red pepper sauce!


World's Best Low-Fat Low-Cal Lasagna

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Make the world's best lasagna that's both healthy and tantalizing when it comes to flavor.

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