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Bone marrow

What is bone marrow? About the ingredient bone marrow. Including 8 recipes with bone marrow.


Beef marrow bones are the long bones of the animal, usually the leg bone. They contain a soft, flavorful fat substance called marrow. 

Marrow is used to make balls for soup, to add flavor to many dishes, to garnish meat, and to cook and eat for itself. Because it is delicate and rich it needs no adornment with sauces.

To extract the marrow, ask your butcher to cut the bone into 1 ½ inch lengths. Allow 3 to 5 - 1 ½ inch lengths per serving when the marrow is eaten for its own sake. As a garnish one piece per person should be ample.

In Chinese:骨髓
British (UK) term: Bone marrow
en français:moelle osseuse
en español:médula ósea

Recipes using bone marrow

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