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Recipes That Can Melt Anyone’s Heart

Valentine’s Day often brings thoughts of flowers, jewellery and boxes of chocolate into one’s head. The gift that really stands out is chocolate because hardly any women hate the amazing taste.

But wouldn’t your loved one adore you even more if you made the chocolate yourself?

Despite many famous male chefs, the average man is not known to cook. By “cook” I mean actually prepare a sophisticated meal, not eggs and toast.

Now most women are impressed with men who can cook. Preparing a meal for your loved one shows how much you appreciate her, especially if the food tastes wonderful!

So if you do have some sort of cooking or baking skill, then trying to make a fabulous dessert for your loved one this Valentine’s Day may be the way to go. Not only will it impress her, but you can also brag to your friends about what you did for her.

The first thing you need when trying to prepare this homemade gift is a few simple recipes. You don’t want to do anything complex like “Truffles for a Duchess”.

One example of a simple recipe is “Homemade Chocolates (Laura Secord Type)” which can be on this very website. Some of the ingredients that’ll you need a few pounds of powdered sugar, a can of sweetened condensed milk and some bittersweet chocolate.

With some easy-to-follow directions, it’s not only simple, but also entertaining to make your very own chocolates. If you want to venture more in the process of making chocolates for your loved one for any occasion, look up the recipe “Irish Cream Chocolates” below.

But if you’re woman in your life likes a decadent cake more than anything, then it may be time to learn the art of baking. One of the most elegant cakes there are is the cheesecake.

For some reason, no one can resist a slice of cheesecake, no matter what kind of fruit is placed on the top of the actual cake. Two great recipes that are sure to melt her heart are “Peaches and Cream Cheesecake” and “Bailey’s Chocolate Chip Cheesecake”.

The recipes are pretty simple to follow and will surely amaze your loved one. If you want to make an easier cake, then go with the traditional “All-American Chocolate Cake” that is rich to the touch!

With the times changing there’s nothing wrong with trying something different for Valentine’s Day. Instead of spending quite a bit of money on a box of chocolates, you can easily make a delectable dessert that will be more meaningful to your loved one. The only to disadvantage to making a dessert for her is that she may not want to share with you!

Homemade Chocolates (Laura-Secord Type)

Irish Cream Chocolates

Peaches and Cream Cheesecake

Bailey’s Chocolate-Chip Cheesecake

All-American Chocolate Cake


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