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Habitant soup warning



 over 13 years ago


In the last week we've had a recieved a number of complaints about Habitant Soup. Most have complained about a change of the recipe. Most recently we received this email at our helpdesk.

I have recently purchased many of your tins of Habitant soup, vegetable, chicken noodle, chicken rice, menestrone. However and although I grew up on your soups as a child I had the displeasure of opening a second can of reeking,rancid rotten vegetable soup The first tin I dismissed and said nothing but when I opened the second one I could not let this go on unnoticed by you! On top of the fact it was bought at Sobeys of Meadowlands in Ancaster. Sobeys, by now you already know are reputable for having the freshest of produce and products ...that includes soup. Dear Sirs when I had opened the can it was a terrible odour and the only place acceptable was the toilet, excuse me for the wording? If I had eaten that and could not smell it would have killed me. That I am sure! Just thought you would like to know of a bad batch that went to Sobeys in Ancaster, but by know you must have had several complaints? Thank you for your time and look forward in hearing from you?


GTA, Ontario, Canada
 over 13 years ago

More info on Habitant soup.

After I mentioned the negative feedback on recent batches of Habitant soup my fiance (a big lover of Habitant soup from her childhood) she told me she got sick to her stomach after eating a can of soup she bought about a month ago.

She also noticed that it wasn't the same as she remembered.

Caveat Emptor

GTA, Ontario, Canada
 about 13 years ago

We have received a number of more complaints about substandard quality of recent batches of Habitant soup.


 about 13 years ago

personaly i have tried habitant soup and it was very unfortuanate that I had bought several cans thinking that the recipe was the same i got violantely ill as did the rest of the family needless to say I won't be purchasing it again .not unless they do some recipe revising

Toronto, ON, CA
 over 12 years ago

Hi Sean, I have recently bought several cans of Habitant soup but it is mostly the pea varieties. They were purchased in Toronto at the Real Canadian Super Store. I have had three cans so far and have not had any problems. Do you know which kind they have been having complaints about or the lot numbers so that we may check our cans? This is the only type of pea soup I will eat and have been eating it for over 50 years. But the 3 varieties of pea and occasionally the minestrone are all I buy in the Habitant line, the rest are Campbell's, packaged or homemade. Regards Maxie =^.,.^=