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Amish friendship bread starter (potato flake)


 about 1 year ago

There are lots of ways to make Amish Friendship Bread, and just as many starters. This Amish Friendship Bread starter uses mashed potato flakes.

•3 tablespoons instant mashed potato flakes
•3 tablespoons white sugar
•1 cup warm water
•2¼ teaspoon active dry yeast

Subsequent feedings:
•3 tablespoons potato flakes
•3 tablespoons white sugar
•1 cup warm water

Make a Sri Lankan Potato & Cashew Curry


1.In a glass or plastic container with a lid that has several holes in it, combine potato flakes, sugar, water and yeast.
2.Cover and let starter sit on the counter for 5 days.
3.Stir starter every day with wooden or plastic spoon.
4.On the morning of Day 5, feed your starter with 3 tablespoons potato flakes, 3 tablespoons white sugar, and 1 cup warm water.
5.In the evening, take out 1 cup of starter and use in a sourdough recipe.
6.Place the remaining starter into the refrigerator.
7.Repeat step 2 every five days.
8.If starter is to be used in a recipe, then let 1 cup of starter sit at room temperature for 6 hours and refrigerate the rest. If starter is not to be used then either throw away or give away 1 cup each time you feed it.

Kitchen Notes

Use this starter with Potato Flake Sourdough Bread or Strawberry Upside Down Amish Friendship Bread Cake.