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How do i delete a recipe i submitted?


Buford, United States
 over 6 years ago

- I posted a recipe but realized it was the same as another and want to avoid duplicates. I just wanted to have a variation of it. I cannot figure out how to go about deleting the recipe or maybe I can't???


GTA, Ontario, Canada
 over 6 years ago

There isn't a delete per se but you can email and/or send feedback and one of the site administrators can delete it for you. It is an effort to avoid mistaken deletions.

Another option would be to mark the recipe private. This sounds like what you want to do, thereby avoid duplication on the site itself but keeping your variation for later reference.

Hope this helps.

Montréal, Canada
 over 1 year ago

I think you don't have an option to delete once you have posted.