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Ethnic Foods

Nutrition Facts

Found 132 matching food items.

Fish, salmon, king, chinook, smoked, brined (Alaska Native)
Fish, salmon, king, with skin, kippered, (Alaska Native) - CY040CJ
Fish, salmon, red (sockeye), smoked (Alaska Native)
Fish, salmon, red, (sockeye), canned, smoked (Alaska Native)
Fish, salmon, red, (sockeye), kippered (Alaska Native)
Fish, salmon, red, canned (Alaska Native) - duplicate, do not use
Fish, salmon, red, canned, bones removed (Alaska Native)
Fish, salmon, tipnuk, fermented (Alaska Native)
Fish, sheefish, dried (Alaska Native)
Fish, whitefish, broad, head, eyes, cheeks and soft bones (Alaska Native)
Fish, whitefish, broad, liver (Alaska Native)
Fish, whitefish, dried (Alaska Native)
Fish, whitefish, eggs (Alaska Native)
Fish, whitefish, mixed species, raw (Alaska Native)
Frybread, made with lard (Apache)
Frybread, made with lard (Navajo)
Huckleberries, raw (Alaska Native)
Mashu roots, raw (Alaska Native)
Melon, banana (Navajo)
Moose, liver, braised (Alaska Native)
Moose, meat, raw (Alaska Native)
Mush, blue corn with ash (Navajo)
Mutton, roasted (Navajo)
Octopus (Alaska Native)
Oil, bearded seal (Oogruk) (Alaska Native)
Oil, beluga, whale (Alaska Native)
Oil, spotted seal (Alaska Native)
Oil, walrus (Alaska Native)
Oil, whale, bowhead (Alaska Native)
Oopah, whole animal (Alaska Native)
Owl, horned, meat (Alaska Native)
Rhubarb, wild, leaves (Alaska Native)
Salmonberries, raw (Alaska Native)
Sea cucumber, yane (Alaska Native)
Seal, bearded (Oogruk), meat, dried (Alaska Native)
Seal, bearded (Oogruk), meat, dried, in oil (Alaska Native)
Seal, bearded (Oogruk), meat, low quadrant, raw (Alaska Native)
Seal, bearded (Oogruk), meat, partially dried (Alaska Native)
Seal, bearded (Oogruk), meat, raw (Alaska Native)
Seal, ringed, (Alaska Native)
Seal, ringed, meat (Alaska Native)
Smelt, dried (Alaska Native)
Soup, fish, homemade (Alaska Native)
Sourdock, young leaves (Alaska Native)
Squash, Indian, cooked, boiled (Navajo)
Squash, Indian, raw (Navajo)
Squirrel, ground, meat (Alaska Native)
Steelhead trout, boiled, canned (Alaska Native)
Steelhead trout, dried, flesh (Shoshone Bannock)
Stew, dumpling with mutton (Navajo)
Stew, hominy with mutton (Navajo)
Stew, moose (Alaska Native)
Stew, mutton, corn, squash (Navajo)
Stew, steamed corn (Navajo)
Stew/soup, caribou (Alaska Native)
Tamales (Navajo)
Tea, tundra, herb and laborador combination (Alaska Native)
Tennis Bread, plain (Apache)
Tortilla, includes plain and from mutton sandwich (Navajo)
Walrus, liver, raw (Alaska Native)

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