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Holiday Cooking

 Creamy Superbowl Spinach Dip

Game Day Dip

Prepare a variety of tasty and satisfying dips for your next game day party!

 Moosewood Vegetarian Chili

Chili: The Perfect Party Food

Gather your loved ones around a steaming pot of rich and flavorful chili at your next party!

Christmas Cake

Festive Fruitcakes

Rediscover the rich, deep, and unique holiday flavors of this classic Christmas cake.

Which Milk is Best For You?

Which Milk is Best For You?

Find out if soy or cow’s milk is best for your diet.

 Christmas Chocolate Viennese Crescent Cookies

Host a Cookie Exchange

Host a Cookie Exchange for your loved ones this year to swap festive cookies and recipes.

White Wine and Cilantro Braised Fish

Celebrate the Feast of the Seven Fishes

Learn why this classic Italian seafood fest began and how to celebrate it in your own home this year.

Christmas Linzer Cookies

Cookies: Santa’s Favorite Snack

Be inspired by these recipes and baking tips to create delicious treats for your loved ones, and Santa, this holiday season.

 Maple Syrup Roasted Sweet Potatoes

Maple Syrup: Make the Grade

Learn about the grades of maple syrup and how to make the most of its pure, vegetarian sweetness.

 Hearty Roasted Butternut Squash and Apple Soup

Seasonal Soup Success

Craft a delicious and satisfying bowl of soup every time.

Coffee Ganache Macarons

Give the Best

Surprise your loved ones this year with the best edible holiday gifts.