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Fruit cake


Bogotá, Colombia
 over 9 years ago

This recipe can be used as a dessert, accompanying any of my previous recipes or simply as a small meal during the day.

Beat 8 egg whites to snow, add the egg yolks and 4 tablespoons of flour. This beat is divided into 2 greased cooking molds and cooked in the hot oven.

With 10 mangoes make a jelly cooking the pulps with a cup of sugar. Hanging and starts to fire again, stirring with a wooden spoon until it thicks.

Remove the mix from one of the cooking molds, place on a plate and place a layer of mango jelly. Cover with the dough of the other cooking mold.

Take a can of fruit in syrup and mix the juice with one tablespoon mayonnaise. Pour over the cake to soak the dough and garnish with chopped fruit.

Serve cold.


Alappuzha, India
 about 8 years ago


try this eggless fruit cake recipe.