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My great recipe cards


ruthsmall - home chef ruthsmall

 almost 17 years ago

My sister has a collection of "My Great Recipe" cards since 1980's. I am not sure if this is the same company that she ordered from through the mail.I would like to obtain these recipes and others if necessary. Everything is divided in sections of desert, meats under poultry, salads and dressing, vegetable-legumes, fish, sandwiches, barbeques, hot and cold appetizers, hot pot meals, breakfast, soups. Every month she would receive a pack of different recieps for her to place them in a plastic box with a lid to it. She also has the index cards for each section numbering each recipe as to where they go. Please let me know if this is the right company, since it was the only one I founded under the website with "My Great Recipe Cards".
I would like to order these by mail for my daughter and myself. The recipes are awesome. Thanks in advance, Ruth.