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Help with curing bacon


jssbastiat - home chef jssbastiat

 over 19 years ago

okay, i took the smoke flavored morton's sugar cure and followed the directions...mix 1/2 oz of the salt with 1 lb of the pork belly...BUT, 1/2oz did not seem like enough to cover i did a 2oz to 1lb mix...and packed each 1lb piece in a plastic bag and sealed it..but i read that it should be placed on wood?????

sosooooooo, i took it outafter 3 days, and just covered it in the sugar cure, i mean covered it...placed each piece on a plastic plate, covered it with a napkin, and placed the next plate with a piece of 1lb meat on it...and put the napkin on top..then another, it has been 7 days...i'm going to let all pieces set one more day..then soak in water.....

have i messed up?...what should the sugar cure rate be?...surely the 1/2 oz per lb is wrong...bu that is what the box says.....and how do you store it for the 7 days?..... this going to kill me when i eat it?...will the smell tell me if it is spoiled...

and i want to cure a ham....does some one have a good recipe..