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Cardamom is the ground seed of a tropical fruit in the ginger family known as Elettaria cardamomum. The seeds are found in oval-shaped fruit pods that are between 1/4 to 1-inch long.

Region Produced

Cardamom comes from India, Guatemala, and Ceylon.  

Traditional Uses

In India Cardamom is traditionally used in curry blends, and in Scandinavian countries it is commonly added to breads; however, most of the world's Cardamom crop is used in Arabic countries as a flavoring for coffee.

Aroma & Taste

Cardamom has an intense, pungent, sweet flavor.


As early as the 4th century BC Cardamom was used in India as a medicinal herb. Greeks and Romans imported it as a digestive aid. In Sweden it has become a more popular spice than cinnamon.


Store in cool, dark, dry places.  

Cardamom close-up


A small amount of Cardamom will add a tempting flavor to coffee cake, Danish pastry, specialty breads, and apple pie.

Try Cardamom the Arabic way and add a little to your ground coffee before brewing, then sweeten and top with cream.


anonymous sault Ste Marie, Ontario, Canada

To my understanding and observation cardamom grows as a pod ( cluster) on a plant about 3 to 6 feet tall. These clusters are formed at the base of a plant just above the soil level and are not groundnuts. Groundnuts like peanuts grow underground and ginger also grow below soil level like potetos.

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