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 about 12 years ago

One of the chief dish in the mexican cuisine is barbacoa. This mexican main course dish is prepared in every mexican restaurant as well as in the [url=]mexican restaurant santa monica[/url] too. This is a typical delicious mexican dish which is chiefly prepared out or made from meat or you can even make it out from a whole sheep too.
Thus barbacoa is a non – vegatarian dish, which is famous not only in mexico but also in the united states of america too. The meat or the whole sheep that is used in the barbacoa is slow cooked. The meat is slow-cooked over an open fire, you can cook it on the other way out by approaching the traditional method of cooking.
In the traditonal method of cooking, a huge hole is dug in the ground and the ground is covered by the leaves of maguey, it is chiefly used till the meat is steamed till it becomes tender. This is the traditional approach to prepare barbacoa. Now we can also serve this traditional dish in a perfect traditional mexican manner too.
According to the traditional mexican way of eating, always a barbacoa is served with a warm soft taco style corn tortilla which is followed by the serving of guacamole and salsa. Salsa is added in this serving to produce an extra flavouring to this dish. Another speciality of this dish is that the meat or taco is served in the banana leaves in which it is cooked.
If you like to add vegatables in this dish, you can add in accoradnace to your taste. For instance you eat this dish with onions, diced cilantro as well as with a squirt of lime too. It all depends on your taste. Therefore this traditional dish is a very delicious one and you have got a brief idea about barbacoa and all the food stuffs that are served along with this dish.


Indore, India
 almost 12 years ago

I like this Mexican dish that you have posted here as I love Mexican food and specially if it is served in Gourmet style than it just adds little more taste.

As, I know one more dish that I have ordered from one site which is and the dish is beef burgundy which is mainly served in winters as a warm dish and it is prepared by slowly cooking braised beef and it is served with creamy mashed potato, red wine and rooted vegetable stew with that mash.

You will find as many main dishes with different wines and can order as well.

Quezon, Philippines
 almost 11 years ago

If you love beef, and you're adventurous when it comes to culinary experiences, you might be brave enough to try some Mexican barbacoa. Barbacoa is a traditional Mexican way to barbecue a beef head, and is generally served for Sunday breakfast. Barbacoa is delicious, but it isn't for the faint of heart.

Pupusa Recipe

 over 10 years ago

Mexican Food is amazing! I also like Salvadorian Food. Have you every tried a Cheese Pupusa Recipe?

It is so good and you can make it with meat, re-fried beans and other delicious stuff.

For Step by Step instructions follow this link: