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Low-carb diet



 almost 15 years ago

A low-carb diet is ideal for an average person - one who has a day job that requires little or no exercise, exercises less than 2 hours a week, or is inactive, such as an invalid.
Most carbohydrates should be eaten during the morning or afternoon, when the calories can be burnt by the body. Eating carbs at night is one main factor of weight gain, because the metabolism is slowing down at the end of the day and isn't ready to face a huge meal, and the carbs aren't used by the body.
The main meal should ideally be in the middle of the day, when it can be used to the body's best advantage.
So no potatoes, rice or pasta at dinner! Unless you are a professional athlete or run marathons, dinner should be made up of water-based high fibre vegetables and a lean source of protein.



 over 14 years ago

I think there is a lot to be said for the benefits of a low carb diet. Dr Atkins took it even further by saying no carbs, but some complain that eatting a diet of fat and protein gives them headaches. I think a key in any diet is to control your calorie intake, as ultimately if you are eating more than you are using you will put on weight.


Statesboro, United States
 about 14 years ago


I don't think it's the fat and protein that cause the headaches. It's giving up the sugar, caffeine, etc. that's causing the headaches. I tried the Atkins diet but didn't stay on it long. After a couple of weeks without bread or crackers, I was ready do anything for just a bite of a pbj sandwich. LOL


 about 14 years ago

Carbs are needed by the body to help restore muscle tissue that has been torn due to excercise. Low carb diets help with weightloss but cutting out carbs all together is not great for the body in the long run.
For those trying to lose weight, try eating CLEAN carbs for example brown or wild rice ( or try barley it is so yummy warm with a stir fry) Brown or wholegrain breads and pasta. these carbs have not been refined and can be processed by the body. a healthy balance of protein, veg and carbs with low fat can help weight loss while excercising. Hope this helps..


 almost 10 years ago

Thank you for sharing this information. Its really good to those who have work and don't have enough time to eat their meals. Read more here Kitchenaid FGA -


 almost 10 years ago

he outstanding low-carbohydrate fasting guides generally recommend multi-vitamin and petrified supplements as endeavour of the diet plan which may counseling whatever to judge that these diets are nutritionally inadequate. The primary faculty for this kudos is that if the shift from a high-carbohydrate to a low-carbohydrate, ketogenic fasting is fast, the embody can temporarily go finished a period of registration during which the body may compel superfluous vitamins and minerals (the reasons make to do with the embody's releasing unneeded fluids that were stored during high-carbohydrate eating). In remaining words, the body goes finished a temporary "revolt" if the fast is denaturised to low-carbohydrate dieting speedily conscionable as it would changing to a high-carbohydrate fasting quick. This does not, in and of itself, show that either typewrite of diet is nutritionally inferior. Patch it is accurate low-carbohydrate foods that are similarly wealthy in vitamins and minerals.

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 almost 10 years ago

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 almost 10 years ago

Alas, galore diets-except for Weight Watchers-don't furnish search that proves they actually employ at portion group shed pounds and fastness them off, according to a examine published in the History of Interior Medicine in 2005. So, instead of engrossment solely on metric deprivation, try to set goals to meliorate your overall health. Comely going and intake better are two gentle structure to move.

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Indore, India
 over 9 years ago

You are absolutely right and it is always better to have low carb diet in night so that, you can avoid weight gain and it is even very ideal for having good health.

Good to go with this and having high fiber vegetables in dinner.

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 about 2 years ago

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