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Whole Chilies


All about using whole chilies in cooking.



Fiery taste and vibrant color characterize Whole Chilies. We select only the finest Chilies grown in China to add a powerful and pungent flavour to Mexican, South American, Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Thai, and African cooking. ---photo0---

Region Produced

All over the world. Chili Powder is blended in the United States.

Traditional Uses

Chili Powder is used in Southwestern and Mexican-type cooking. It's a prominent ingredient of chili con carne, and is also used to season eggs, shellfish, cheese dishes, and stews. Manufacturers use chili powder in processed Mexican foods, sausages, and pork and beans.  

Aroma & Taste

Chili Powder mixtures can vary from mild to extremely spicy. It is not necessarily hot, but may have a mild flavor if made with a chili pepper of a less pungent variety.


Chili Powder is an invention of the 19th century American Southwest. Its development was an American attempt to create a mixture of chili peppers and other herbs similar to those used by the Aztecs in Mexico.




Substitute our whole Chilies in any recipe calling for small, hot chilies. Perk up a pot of simmering tomato sauce with Whole Chilies. Use Whole Chilies in Chinese stir-fry dishes for fiery color and authentic Szechuan or Hunan flavor.