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Top 5 Best Unique Flavored Coffee of the Planet

Definitely every cup of brewed coffee would taste distinctly different from any other cup; one may be superior compared to the other. Here's the top 5 list containing the best tasting coffees within the planet.

These are very rare & they are grown to perfection and carry a distinct and unique flavor but together with that is an expensive price of course. Each and every coffee brings a heady flavor, a flavor better compared to the first, a flavor that simply sets each one apart.

"Kopi Luwak"

"Kopi Luwak" is identified as having the highest price, most tasty and absolutely most wanted coffee in the world. They are so unique that they're not hand picked just from any coffee producing plant but rather from excrements of one raccoon like creature named 'Asian Palm Civet' endemic within the Philippines and Indonesia.

These creatures eat the berries of these coffee-beans then those beans stay undigested & pass through their digestive tracts. Once defecation could be spotted, the collectors for this unique coffee extract its coffee-beans directly from each creature's feces, ensuring that they are meticulously washed, purified then sun dried.

"Kopi Luwak" is priced at $160 US dollars for every lb., and people said that it's definitely worth every penny, since it's extremely rich, very musty,very exotic, & exudes a rich syrupy taste & body.

"Hacienda La Esmeralda"

"Hacienda La Esmeralda" gets second place in our list of unique flavored coffees within the planet. This is specially grown by a very rare species of plant that is called 'geisha tree', found only in Boquete, Panama.

This tree before was just ignored, but as the plant grew and produced beans that made delicious coffee, and then they utilized it to serve as an anchor to their soil within the plantations. This plant was only noticed within the past decades & was found out that this specific coffee had a sense of whimsical flavor & then its flavor was truly recognized by coffee lovers.

"Hacienda La Esmeralda" is best known for having that deep flavoring of citrus together with a hint of blueberry and jasmine taste. In every brew a distinct flavor emerges, a more delicious & intricate taste compared to the other one. "Hacienda La Esmeralda" is priced at around $104/lb. based on Forbes publication.

"Island of St. Helena Coffee Company"

This particular coffee made it third within the prominent list since it's an internationally known and craved coffee. This is definitely grown exclusively within the Island of St. Helena.

The "St. Helena" coffee type was initially discovered & was brought primarily to the city of Paris when Napoleon was in exile. This particular coffee produced a distinct kind of coffee-bean popularly termed as 'Green Tipped Bourbon Arabica', this is also an exclusive flavor to the 'St. Helena' coffee genre. St. Helena coffee price is around $79/lb.

"Jamaican Blue-Mountain Coffee"

This particular coffee ranks fourth in our list. This distinct coffee creation is planted and grown only within Jamaica in the Blue-Mountains. It's popular solely due to the absence of that bitter coffee taste and it has this mild-flavor that is quite pleasing to the palate.

Jamaica's Blue Mountain area is responsible for bringing out this coffee's rich taste due to its very cool & somewhat foggy atmosphere together with constant high-rainfall and its rich soil. 'Jamaican Blue-Mountain Coffee' is about $49/lb.

"Hawaiian Kona Coffee"

Last found within the prominent list is "Hawaiian Kona Coffee". This particular coffee grows exclusively within the mountain slopes found within the beautiful Big Hawaiian Island.

The Kona District's area brings beautiful sunny-mornings, humid and rainy peaceful afternoons, some temperate-nights creating an ultimate coffee taste superior in bringing the best in them, allowing 'Hawaiian Kona Coffee' as included of this list.

This unique coffee also gives out a very creamy, rich and very smooth chocolaty flavor. It's truly balanced, together with a bit of acidity & it has a medium body. It possesses a very great aroma, very enticing and a bit complex taste too as well as a little spicy in nature. They average at around $34/lb.


kopi luwak bandung

kopi luwak is not expensive when u can get it directly from the source indonesia

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