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The 5 Best Cookies For Kids!

Both young and the old ones love and enjoy the sweet treats brought by cookies. Children most especially are hooked with these little bites of sweetness. Different terms and names are given to these delicious cookies. Spaniards name them as galletas while English people termed them as biscuits.

Germans name these small goodies as kels whereas people from Northern part of America name them cookies. Earliest forms of cookies actually were just tiny cakes known as koeje, a simple Dutch term for small cakes. This term koekje later developed and become cookie. Regardless of the label or name given to this delicious and aromatic flavor, they remain good treats for all children.

Usually, children love sweets or cookies which are bought commercially. In a report given by, there were five in demand brands of cookies in the market.

  1. Oreo which sells around $519 M (million) annually
  2. Chips Ahoy sells around $347 M (million) annually.
  3. Chips Deluxe earns $160 M (million) per year.
  4. Newton gets $137 M (million) in one year.
  5. Fudge Shoppe earns around $127 M (million) in one fiscal year.

Even if kids enjoy cookies which are bought from stores, children still love the ones made from their homes. Children enjoy baking while the parents find quality moments with their children in this activity.

When you want to give your children some freshly baked cookies at home, here is a list of the most popular and tasty cookies which children love.

  1. Gingerbread Flavor Cookies: Gingerbread always brings delight to all children because these tasty treats usually are baked in numerous figures and designs. Plus, frosting is being used also to decorate these delicious cookies adding to their appeal. The ingredients are: flour, butter/margarine, sugar (granulated), soft butter, cinnamon powder, molasses, baking agent, ginger powder, crushed cloves, salt, grated nutmeg and leavening soda.

2.Double Choco-Chip Cookies: Double choco-chip flavored cookies are a favorite of most children. Ingredients are: sugar, salt, flour, butter, eggs, vanilla, leavening soda, cocoa (powder unsweetened), buttermilk and partially sweet choco-chips.

3.Peanut Butter cookie: Undoubtedly, this flavor is very much liked by children. You may enhance the flavor by using known brands such as: Jiffy, Skippy or Peter Pan peanut spread. When you want, you may combine it with choco-chips. You may also make your cookies healthier by using peanut spread that has no preservatives. The ingredients are: brown or unrefined sugar, eggs, peanut spread, butter/margarine, flour, shortening, leavening agent, salt, sugar (granulated) and baking agent.

4.Choco-Chip Cookies: Choco chip cookies are really famous to children. They feel soft, moist and chewy. You may consider the usual choco-chips, milk-choco chunks and gourmet choco-chips. Any of them would be a sure hit with your children. The usual ingredients are: eggs, melted unsalted margarine or butter, brown or unrefined sugar, flour (all-purpose), white or refined sugar, salt, vanilla, leavening agent and lastly partially sweet choco-chips/chunks.

5.Sugar-Flavored Cookies: This flavor of cookies is sweet and delicious. Plus, this cookie may be cut in various figures and designs. Ingredients are: margarine/ butter), sugar (granulated), flour (all-purpose), leavening soda, eggs, salt, vanilla and cream of tartar.

Children enjoy and love the sweet and delicious taste of cookies - that is why offering them these treats will surely give them much delight.


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