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Jolly Christmas - Activities That Entertain and Keep the Christmas Spirit Alive


Christmas is a time of sharing. During the holiday season every year, families reunite and become closer than ever.


Christmas is a time of sharing. During the holiday season every year, families reunite and become closer than ever.


Kids from college return home, parents get some time from off work and even your aunts and uncles stop by for a visit. There’s just something about the holiday that makes everyone warm and friendly.

As a college student, it’s tough when you’re away from home. You try your best to make your surroundings as comfortable as you can, but it just doesn’t compare to your home that you share with your family.

That’s why all of us leave campus during the Christmas holidays; sometimes you just want to feel as if you’re home.

If those Christmas movies on television start repeating themselves, it may be time to trade the couch for the some quality family time. There are numerous activities you and your family can do together.


Not only will they add some fun and joy to your day, but they will also get you close to your family (instead of giving your parents and siblings an embarrassing hug).

One idea is to make Christmas ornaments together. As boring as it sounds, the activity can get creative. There are many different types of ornaments you can hand-paint yourself and design.

With pipe cleaners, popsicle sticks, beads and cardboard, you can come up with tons of ideas like gingerbread people, angels, sleds and reindeer.

If your family doesn’t have a creative bone, then Christmas baking could be your family affair. Everyone enjoys cookies, especially with a steaming cup of hot chocolate, so why not work as a team and start baking!


The easiest way to start is to assign different tasks to everyone. For instance, two people help make the pastry dough, one person cuts the dough into unique shapes while another decorates to give the cookie a sweet taste.


Not only do you produce batches of cookies, but you also create an unforgettable experience.

If you looking to do something more active then go out as a family and pick out a tree together for Christmas. Nowadays, you don’t see a lot of families doing this once-traditional activity anymore.

Picking out a tree can be fun because you never exactly know if it’s going to fit in your living room! Aside from getting everyone out of the house, it also gives each family member some pride in picking out the Christmas tree.

There are also tons of other activities you can take part in if Dad doesn’t want anyone helping him with the Christmas lights around the house!

If you and your family have a real sweet tooth, you can build a gingerbread house or make Christmas candy/fudge. To really get into the holiday spirit, you can sing Christmas carols together.


Now there’s no excuse for not knowing the words because you can easily find them on the internet!

So instead of mumbling along to “Deck The Halls”, learn the words so you can not only impress your family, but the neighbours too!

If you want to keep memories that will last a lifetime, then just simply take pictures! Whether it’s of those amazing moments Christmas morning, or a family portrait, photos cherish memories and experiences.

There are endless things to do during the Christmas holiday, which makes life a lot more fun. People struggle with work and school throughout the year and never have time for themselves or family.

But once those Christmas lights go up, everyone knows that a relaxing break with family is in the near future.

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