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How to store potatoes

Compared to other fruits and vegetables potatoes can last a long time but not forever.  Black spots, softening and sprouting can take over as you work through that 10 lb bag that you picked up on sale.

Potatoes stored in a cool, dark place or in the refrigerator do well and last a considerable length of time.  On the other hand potaotes stored near onions or in a warm place will hasten their demise.

There is a trick that can help double the storage time of your potatoes.  Add an apple to the bag. Apples produce ethylene gas which prevent the cells in the potatoes from lengthening and sprouting.

Apples stored with potatoes can help keep your potaotes fresh for up to double the normal storage time.  

So keep those onions away from your potatoes in a seperate storage location and keep your apples and potatoes together. 








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